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Self-perception of teachers

Selbstwahrnehmung von Lehrkräften


A research project focused on the accuracy of (prospective) teachers‘ self-perceptions – how well calibrated are teachers in judging their own professional knowledge? And is their calibration of practical relevance? 


“Am I a good teacher?” “Which are my deficits?” Teachers are confronted with questions like these throughout their entire working career. It is of great importance for them to reflect on their skills and knowledge because only well-calibrated monitoring also enables them to adjust the process of knowledge acquisition and to transfer the right contents to students. However, studies have shown that teachers’ judgment of knowledge deviates strongly from their actual knowledge, measured by standardized tests. Our research focuses on whether teachers are subject to a systematic judgment bias regarding their own knowledge. Furthermore, we are interested in effects on such possible biases on teachers’ instructional behaviors.  


Contact: Helen Ernst

Funding: own funds



Ernst, H. M., Wittwer, J., & Voss, T. (2017, September). Wie genau schätzen angehende Lehrkräfte ihr Professionswissen ein? Eine differenzierte Betrachtung mit Hilfe metakognitiver Maße der Selbsteinschätzung. Vortrag auf der gemeinsamen Tagung der Fachgruppen Entwicklungspsychologie und Pädagogische Psychologie (PAEPSY), Münster.

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