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Our programs of study

Please note that all of our programs are taught in German. Proof of German language proficiency (level C2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) has to be provided upon application. Should you have questions regarding program requirements and applications contact our program advisors

Faculty members of the Department of Educational Science at the University of Freiburg have a background in educational psychology or educational science. Our programs of study aim at fostering skills and attitudes that will enable you to ground your professional decisions and actions in scientific knowledge, or to generate scientific knowledge yourself. To achieve this aim, we base our teaching on three general principles: First, we support you in understanding the professional practices that form the core of our disciplines, with a focus on ways of reasoning and communicating. Second, we support you in acquiring scientific knowledge that you can draw on to explain learning and teaching in complex domains. Third, we facilitate transfer of knowledge and skills to professional fields that deal with design of learning materials, classroom lessons, training, and computer-based learning environments.

We offer four programs of study:

The Bachelor of Arts program Educational Science and Educational Management prepares you for a career in education, training, or consulting, for example, as a human resources development specialist, organization development consultant, or e-learning designer. This program of study also equips you with the knowledge and skills required to enter a research-oriented graduate program.

The research-oriented Master of Arts program Educational Science – Teaching and Learning addresses graduates holding a degree in education or psychology. Graduates of this program of study qualify for careers as specialists or managers in the private and public sectors. For example, they may work as project managers in the field of human resources development, or as consultants specializing in schools in the field of organization development. This program of study also offers opportunities to acquire the knowledge and skills required to pursue a Ph.D. in educational science, educational psychology, or a related field.

Educational Science (Staatsexamen) can be studied by students enrolled in a teacher education program. This program of study addresses students who would like to add scientific knowledge of educational psychology to the knowledge and skills acquired in their content disciplines. Graduates may work in fields such as teacher education or school administration.

Our fourth program of study, Bildungswissenschaftliches Begleitstudium, is mandatory for students enrolled in a teacher education program who do not major in Educational Science (Staatsexamen). This program of study equips you with scientific knowledge of educational psychology that will enable you to assess learner needs, design instruction, and reflect on and develop your professional knowledge, skills, and attitudes.

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